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Zara Pietzko


I am Zara, and I am so happy you found your way to me. 

I am a Health Psychologist (BA) and devoted Ayurvedic Practitioner & Holistic Health Counselor. I dedicated the last 15+ years to Holistic Healing Systems and found my heart in the wonderful ancient philosophy of Ayurveda & Yoga, where I am currently deepening my degree in Ayurvedic Counseling Studies. 

I find my great joy in working with women to bring true health, radiance, harmony and balance into their lives. 

I am in love with connecting you more to your inner nature and get excited about finding ways to create harmony within your elements through diet, lifestyle & herbs. 

I offer 1:1 Health Consultations, Ayurveda Programs, In-person Retreats & Workshops and online/in-person individualised or Group Yoga Experiences. 

Get in touch with me:

Ayurveda is a complete holistic healing system, which focuses not only on the physical body, but rather on healing & wellbeing on all levels & bodies (mental, emotional, spiritual & physical). 
It is translated as the “Science of Life” and takes care of our overall wellbeing. Initially, it supports us in guiding us towards Sattva – or a sattvic lifestyle, where we can live in full harmony & alignment with all elements and the nature, outside & inside of ourselves.  
The beauty and most significant difference of Ayurveda and its approach (compared to other systems) is that it doesn't focus on the disease  or the symptoms that come along with it,

but to find the reasons that causes imbalance within the bodies and moving towards harmony within the elements.

Every person carries all five elements in nature, some more dominant than others,  and it is to create balance within these so the body can heal and thrive.

When balance is achieved, body, mind & spirit can work beautifully together and co-create health and wellbeing on all levels. 

The three principles that Ayurveda is based and focuses on are Prevention, Recovery and Longevity. 

Every person is seen as a whole individual, who needs – even just slightly different approaches – to heal and finally blossom.

So every human being has their own unique essence and constellation of elements.

We call them Prakruti (our natural state - given by birth) and Vikruti (state of imbalance - changes throughout life).

In Ayurveda, no person is being looked at the same way. This is why treatments are all personalized and therefore work specifically for each individual. 
Compared to other systems, in Ayurveda “like attracts like” and the “opposite brings balance.” 
Ayurveda is based on the principle of cause and effect. Everything comes and goes from self-responsibility. The Science of Ayurveda makes us become more responsible for our actions, from those in the past, the present and the future. It even goes into past lives. The choices we make on a daily basis (ahar, vihar) are a result of our health. This means that each individual holds the ability to heal and to live in complete wellbeing and health, if he/she takes responsibility. 



 Ayurveda addresses the human being as a whole, where body, mind and spirit are looked at on the same level of importance.

Every person is born with a individual unique prakruti, where ayurveda aims moving towards it in the most balanced & harmonic state as possible.  Throughout life imbalances may arise which determine vikruti.

This is ever changing depending the environment, diet (ahar), lifestyle vihar and the connection to the senses of each person.

A human being is part of nature and interacts in the same way. All energies, within a person and within the universe, are meant to flow in harmony and balance, as no single system (human – universe) works in separation.

This is also why it is so important in Ayurveda that we as human beings live accordingly to the seasons and the environment / nature,

as only then we can create a perfect harmony within and around us.  
It is also important to mention that the ayurvedic approach is a unchanging science, which means, that the more it is practiced,

embodied & lived, the more it “works”.

It is rather a lifesytle than a healing system that only cures or prevents. 


Ayurveda can be practiced by everyone and takes very little to feel a change in the body and mind. 

It is an ongoing journey, where nothing needs to be accomplished. 

Every day you can choose if you are ready to take it a step further - 

but trust me, once you feel the difference, you don´t want to go back to your old patterns and lifestyle. ;) 

What is Ayurveda?

"Ayur" (=life)

"Veda" (=Science or Knowledge)

The Science of Life

Don’t Forget To Check Out My Ayurvedic Retreat

These 5 days are carefully designed to optimise your entire wellbeing in the most powerful way. All facilitators are highly qualified and experienced in their teachings, while being in service with pure heart and devotion. Spring is the best time to give your digestion a break – so why not doing it together, in the most nourishing and joyous way possible? There is no previous knowledge or experience needed at all. Come as you are, with all that is there and present for you at this time. All Genders are welcome – we want to receive your open mind and heart and experience a wonderful time in connection, authenticity & curiosity.

I can't wait to hear from you.

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